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Vending Solution

Coffee machines are everywhere, but you can't find high quality coffee anywhere, which is why MARONINI machines are in great demand by our loyal customers. This solution is created to destroy price-quality stereotypes and to raise the quality of an espresso to the level of all expectations. I have thought in detail this proposal for all coffee lovers and true gourmets in the field who want an extraordinary coffee at an affordable price.

Coffee quality at Automate.
We chose to work with Bianchi coffee machines because they are produced by a top Italian manufacturer in the field and are the most efficient in terms of extraction. Ristretto, espresso, espresso lungo or americano is made exclusively from arabica beans combined with robusta, and the entire fleet of vending machines produces only 100/100 natural coffee ground on the spot. We pay more attention to the quality of the cups, because they come into direct contact with our product. The quality of the glasses directly influences the quality of the product so we use only biodegradable cups. Treated water plays an important role in the life of coffee, the taste of a coffee begins to be formed by the quality of water, the use of water treatment systems in several levels Ecosoft, allow us to obtain a perfect quality of an espresso.

Where the Vending Machines can be located.
MARONINI® vending machines are designed for medium and premium locations, where customers are often quite demanding. We must recognize that these customers expect a quality product and impeccable service, which is why we made this TOP vending product. In most cases the vending machines are installed in retail outlets, grocery or specialty stores, offices, car washes, car services, test stations, gyms, administrative blocks, office buildings or even in offices with spaces for coffee breaks.

Choose Vending Professionalism.
The MARONINI® machine will only continuously deliver high-quality coffee. The professionalism of the distribution team will continuously assist the machine to work uninterrupted throughout the collaboration, will ensure the level of the standard in quality and hygiene and will react immediately to any malfunction. The MARONINI® machine is installed free of charge in your location only if there is a sufficient demand for coffee for such a collaboration, this good is our property for the entire collaboration period and after the termination of the contract the MARONINI® machine will be withdrawn from the location.