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Select beans reach from all over the world to one of the most modern coffee factories in Italy which is strategically  located in Castel Maggiore, near Bologna.

In the laboratories, the rich experience and passion for coffee continue to create new taste sensations, exclusive aromas and to deeply analyze the emotional experiences they offer to our consumer.

Meanwhile in the factory, the raw material is processed with great care, namely this fundamental aspect is the basis in creating the excellent Maronini blends. The selection and frying of the grains takes place in a safe and professional atmosphere rigorously supervised in terms of Italian quality and tradition.

Food quality and safety is the issue that we are particularly concerned about, we want to make sure that everything is at the highest level of standardization and control. UNI EN ISO 9001 certification; UNI EN ISO 22000 certification - Food Safety Management Systems-, Requirements; INEI- Italian National Express Institute; CCPB- Control consortium for organic products; BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety; Fairtradre; IFS - International Food Standard.

Maronini is associated with premium quality, it is the coffee that generates warmth, joy, fulfillment and inspiration. Maronini is the fine and perfect combination of love for others, passion for coffee and creativity that hides in a person's mind. Everything just in such a small cup of espresso.