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The taste and quality of the coffee represent the status and personality of the restaurant. In top places, only the highest quality coffee is prepared and the optimizations in this direction are carefully analyzed. The true hospitable people know that after the dishes served, it is important to have an extraordinary coffee, because this creates unique end moments for the customer. Often, the restaurant's customers give extra meetings to spend their free time or to discuss business, every time the focus is on coffee. The aspirations of the top restaurant are perfection and increased attention to detail, and coffee is present in both cases.

Coffee involves a lot of love and passion to be perfect.
Being so demanding at some point things get out of hand, that's why it's extremely important to have a reliable partner to guide you to your mission. The experience gained over the years, helps us better understand the specifics of each new local (client), but not before deeply understanding its values. We know exactly what is needed and how to do things right to avoid the mistakes that will come our way. Our common goal is to bring the coffee in your restaurant to another level, to help you with our knowledge to surprise and delight customers by serving them in a unique way with the highest quality coffee.

Choosing the right one is essential for your business.
MARONINI® it is the coffee with character that easily associates with the stylistics of the place and creates a high standard through its presence. A continuous source that exudes power, love, creativity and that contributes to the formation of a beautiful image in the mind of the client. An exclusive coffee with a unique character that you will not find anywhere, thus helping your restaurant to differentiate itself from the hundreds of places in this city. The tradition and art of Italian-style coffee roasting is an important advantage and can be found in every bean, in every cup, in every drop of coffee consumed anytime and anywhere.