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Pastry Shop Solution

What could be more wonderful than a freshly prepared croissant and a delicious coffee served in a package. Most of the time around these types of fast food the queues and the intoxicating smell leave us surprised and with them our expectations for the product itself increase, that's why it's good when everything is perfect in the end. If a pastry shop enjoys a good reputation, it is understandable that in that place you can find extraordinary cakes and fantastic coffee.

Coffee gathers customers.
Coffee is a product that combines ideally with pastries. Some bakery owners pay close attention to the quality of the coffee in their locations and this brings them extraordinary sales while others are more focused on their own products. A pastry shop geared to the customer's needs must be able to serve the best quality coffee and amazing pastry products. We must pay more attention to the quality and speed of customer service, it is good to understand that the customer does not like to stand in line for more than a minute and everything over this time is called discomfort. Coffee consumers come to the pastry shop because of the coffee and usually order other products. Coffee is a continuous customer generator for any pastry only if this opportunity is used as such.

MARONINI® in your pastry shop.
We are ready to choose together the right coffee blend that you will use in your pastry. We will give you all the initial support necessary for your client to remain happy from the start. You can buy a wide range of verified and best quality consumables at affordable prices and in advantageous conditions. We bet through our coffee to create as many loyal customers as possible for your pastry, to build a solid image and to become the best in the area. A successful pastry shop needs a strategic and serious partner and MARONINI® has an extraordinary experience in this field in terms of its customers.