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The working day for many of us starts only after a cup of coffee served in the morning with colleagues. Coffee is the order of the day in any office and all coffee gives us the inner strength to work hard without getting tired or lacking in enthusiasm. Break moments are expected by each employee to relax and energize with their favorite coffee. Most of the time in the days of maximum devotion our energy is at the lowest level and an extra energy is more than necessary.

Healthy working climate.
If we think about a healthy climate, the relationship with the superior, the promotion possibilities, the salary package and other benefits, we find that coffee is not used as a valuable incentive that an employer can offer to its employees. However, the office coffee machine, complemented by good coffee and professional services, contributes to a good and healthy organizational culture and an environment in which it is pleasant to work. Obviously, without other organizational measures, just a simple coffee espresso will not substantially improve the level of employee satisfaction but will certainly bring added value. The importance of coffee for a simple employee is major, and this has been proven by recent studies that have found that one in four employees would give up their vacation rather than quality coffee at the office. Even in the absence of education, it is difficult to imagine a job with happy employees who do not enjoy a good coffee at the office.

MARONINI® at the office.
We have a special approach when it comes to coffee at the office, because the offices are different where different types of people work. Even in these conditions, we have devised solutions ready to support every entrepreneur who has decided to offer his employees quality coffee. We will choose the coffee machine that ideally suits the activity and we will decide together which coffee is right, and in addition, you will receive the most professional services designed to ensure you a perfect coffee continuously in office conditions. MARONINI® is the coffee that is suitable for any type of office and the coffee that will contribute to the creation of a healthy working climate.