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Coffee shop Solution

The aroma of coffee near coffee shops is insane, especially if you know that quality coffee is served there. The purpose of any coffee shop is to delight its customers with a special coffee. An espresso enjoyed carefully, says a lot about the way things are approached in a place like this, and the presence of customers in large numbers in the early morning, communicates a lot about how satisfied customers are with the existence of this place specializing in coffee brewing. In Chisinau there are many coffee shops that aim to promote high quality coffee, but very few enjoy real success.

Espresso is everything.
Strictly only fresh and high quality coffee beans, water treated and prepared at a fixed temperature, balanced dosing, correct grinding fineness, uniform tamping and under the necessary pressure, daily maintenance of the coffee machine, are just a few factors that need to be kept under control in a coffee shop. The espresso shot is everything. The smaller an espresso, the more important it is, because it helps to prepare all drinks combined with milk, water, syrups or ice. A true barista drinks only espresso, he feels and removes in time any deviation from the perfection achieved by him in extraction. No wonder some people prefer to serve coffee only in certain places and only prepared by certain people.

The soul of any Coffee shop.
A barista is the soul of the coffee shop, he is a specialist of coffee and coffee machine, who has extensive knowledge in this field. The Italians gave birth to this word by its simple use, to them that means bartender. We are not surprised that a Barista in Italy could also serve us with stronger drinks, while in the rest of the countries this term is used only for the person in the coffee shop who makes coffee. A barista is obliged to be a good specialist in Latte Art, the one who creates models on cappuccino by pouring milk foam into espresso. In the activity of a barista he must have knowledge about types of coffee, roasting coffee, use and maintenance of appliances coffee, milk frothing and more. A bartender who is enthusiastic about his work exudes a lot of energy and creates an extraordinary atmosphere in the place, that is why any coffee shop must hire and promote enthusiastic people.

MARONINI® in Coffee shop.
Even if coffee shops look the same, we still have an individual approach to each customer, because we care about the details of your business. In addition to fresh and high quality coffee, we deliver a range of coffee-related products that will help you. to offer the best to your customer. For the comfort and safety of your business, we will offer you more services aimed at making the equipment work. We believe that our mission is to be a reliable partner, which helps your business to flourish through beautiful coffee sales. Our company will only deliver certified and high quality products made mostly in the EU, so that customers come for coffee or other products over and over again.