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The morning starts with a coffee to go on the way to work, in the afternoon we prefer to serve an invigorating espresso at the corner cafe, and late in the evening we go with friends to our favorite terrace and order a cappuccino or latte macchiato - coffee is the inviting drink customers visit our cafe and all the coffee is often the drink that is the subject of the avoidance. Every time, we prefer to go to the location where we find quality coffee, beautiful people and a pleasant atmosphere around us.

Coffee is the DNA of the cafe.
Only a professional in the field, fully understands the important role that coffee has in the development of a cafe and only he perceives the absolute standard for the customer who comes to a certain cafe. The freshness and quality of coffee is the main goal that should not be neglected and negotiated somehow. The professional training of the staff is another extremely important aspect that requires a lot of continuous perseverance. Coffee is a small part of the DNA of any cafe while a correct approach to the segment will develop good associations and in the end good sales.

The coffee that delivers your success.
MARONINI® being a premium quality coffee lives up to the expectations of any type of customer. In each blend we find carefully selected beans from different regions of the globe and grown at different altitudes to create the perfect taste, aroma and body of coffee. We prefer to find the perfect coffee for a certain target of customers, we like it when each cup served provokes unique moments. Our task is to continuously deliver a perfect espresso for your customer and to create added value to the cafe with a long-term strategic partner approach.