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Frutti Rossi


FRUTTI ROSSI  - colourful blend of hirbiscus flowers and rose hips enriched by the popular fragrance of red berries. Naturally caffeine free, it's perfect either hot or iced. Red berries fruit tea with hiriscus flowers, rose hips 36%, apple, flavours, wild strawberry natural flavour 1%. Box (50gr) with 25 filters each of 2gr. High quality tea produced in Firenze (Italy).



Water temperature: 90 ° C.
Brewing time: 4-5 minutes.
Ingredients: hibiscus flower tea with berry aroma.


Natursan was created to provide premium teas to hotels, restaurants and cafes. Each sachet of Natursan tea contains perfectly selected tea leaves, and the taste of a brewed cup is difficult to distinguish from bulk tea. Each pack of Natursan tea contains 25 paper sachets, with no added substances that affect the taste of the tea and without metal clips. Under the Natursan brand you will find black, green, white tea, as well as mixtures of fruits and plants. The careful selection of tea leaves and the experience of creating blends of over 50 years guarantee the high quality of Natursan products.