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История Maronini

Growing Region
Our coffee grows in high altitude equatorial regions, which are often diffucult to access,

Green coffee beans are planted to create sedings with become coffee bushes, It taken about 3-4 years to produce coffee cherries.

Coffee beans can be processed in a number of differnt ways-washed, semi-washed and natural. each methid imparts a differnts taste characteristic on the bean.

The best roasters visit and work with farmers buiding relationships  than help develop better quality and sustenable coffee crop.

Coffee Cherry
Each coffee cherry contains two sedds that when processed became two coffee beans.

Baggind and Shipping
Farmers take great pride in their coffees. Bags are hand painted and sticked before shipment.

Blend, roast time and temperature are critical in determining coffee flavour.

Airtight bags with one way valve prevent roasted coffee from going stale.

Grind size, volume, water temperature, extraction time and brewing method all affect the final taste.